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The inauguration ceremony of Prof. T.J. Lu and the forum on the development of Mechanics

Author: Views:89082Time:2018-11-09

The inauguration ceremony of Prof. T.J. Lu and the forum on the development of Mechanics was held on September 26th, 2018. president Nie Hong, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences Hu Haiyan, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences Zhao Chunsheng, had all taken part in the ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by dean Sun Jianhong from human resources office.

During the ceremony, Xia Pinqi, dean of school of Aerospace engineering, gave a brief introduction of professor T.J.Lu and showed the greatest welcome on behalf of the school. Associate dean of the state key laboratory, professor Qiu Jinhao made a statement on behalf of the State Key Laboratory of Mechanics and Control of Mechanical Structures.

After that, Prof. Lu shared the stories about his academic career and his fruitful experience on scientific research, talent cultivation, and social service. Prof. Lu regarded working in NUAA as a new milestone and hoped to proceed his life-devoted career on education and research. Besides, Prof. Lu was looking forward to another triumph on multifunctional lightweight material research, students cultivation and aerospace manufacturing.

Prof. Nie Hong, president of NUAA, helped Prof.Lu to wear the NUAA school badge, and welcomed him again for his participation. president Nie spoke highly of the academic fruit and charisma of Prof.Lu, hoped his participation can help to improve the development on mechanics and aerospace of NUAA, and help to contribute to the construction of NUAA ‘Double first-rate’. At the same time, president Nie endorsed on Prof.Lu’s work and life.

After the ceremony was the forum on mechanics development, which was held by dean Xia Pinqi. The theme of the forum was to gather the attendee’s wisdom on how to make mechanics a world-class subject. Many professors gave their advice on the development of mechanics.


Hu Haiyan, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, showed his welcome on the inauguration of Prof. T.J. Lu. Besides, academician Hu pointed out that there are three aspects that we need to strengthen on the development of mechanics. Firstly, we need to follow the steps of world-class universities and work hard . Secondly, the vital force of the team should take their responsibilities. Thirdly, we need to take efforts on the cooperation between mechanics, mechanics with aerospace, new kinds of mechanics.

Zhao Chunsheng, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, spoke highly of Prof.Lu, and gave three pieces of advice to young scholars. First, contribute to our country. Second, be diligent. Third, make efforts on interdiscipline research.

Prof. Tzou Hornsen supported academician Zhao’s suggestion on making efforts on interdiscipline research and hoped the attendee could enjoy the charm of work.

Prof. Wang Lifeng, youth Chang Jiang scholar, made a statement on behalf of young teachers.

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