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1.  W. Soboyejo, A.G. Evans, T.J. Lu et al. (Eds.), Mechanics of Cellular and Porous Materials, special issue of Mechanics of Materials, August 2004, Elsevier Ltd.

2.  F. Xu, T.J. Lu & E.X. Guo (Eds.), Multiscale Biothermal and Biomechanical Behaviors of Biological Materials, Theme Issue of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences 368, 517-519, 2010. (IF 2.7)

3.  A.M.K. Esawi, G.M. Genin, T.J. Lu, U.G.K. Wegst & J.J. Wilker (Eds.), Interfaces in materials, biology and physiology, Proceedings of the 2012 Spring Materials Research, Society Meeting. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge, 2012.

4.  F. Xu, T.J. Lu & R. Zannoli (Eds.), Special Issue: The 18th International Conference on Mechanics in Medicine and Biology Xi’an, China, October 16 – 19, 2012, Journal of Mechanics in Medicine and Biology 13(5), October 2013.

  • 5. Lu, T.J., Shyy, W. & Suo, Z.G., “Preface”, Acta Mech. Sinica 33(3), 485, 2017.

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