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Young thousand talent program scholars, professors, associate professors, lecturers and post-doctoral researchers are wanted by Prof. T.J.Lu’s team

1. Introduction to the director:

Professor Tian Jian Lu is a national distinguished expert, owner of The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, chief scientist of two ‘Program 973’ project, chief scientist of two ‘Program 111’ project, etc. Prof. Lu have a PhD of Harvard University and used to be the chair professor of the University of Cambridge. Before he returned to China, Prof. Lu was a lecturer, reader and chair professor of the University of Cambridge and he is now a professor of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and doctoral supervisor. Besides, Prof. Lu is owner of the second prize in China's State Natural Science Award(rank 1), Science Research Famous Achievement Award in Higher Institution(rank 1), the second prize of Shaanxi Science and Technology Awards(rank 1),The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars(type A, type B), Chinese Young Scientist Award and Chinese Overseas Chinese Contribution Award.

2. Thousand talent program scholarsyoung, professors, associate professors, lecturers and post-doctors in the following research fields:

Solid mechanics; Vibration and noise control; Explosion and shock wave mechanics; Heat transfer; Biomimetic materials and Biomechanics.

3. Treatments

1Thousand talent program scholarsyoung


Accommodation treatment

Scientific research fund

Hiring policy


4-6 hundred thousand RMB

Either qualified applicant can apply to purchase a house160 square meter or more; or apply for a housing allowance1.2 million-2 million RMB

1.Chinese government will provide a research start-up fund;

2.Besides, NUAA will offer a favorable research condition

authorized size of the university;

senior professional title

Jiangsu province will provide a bonus equivalent to the national Thousand Talents Program bonus;

Candidates can directly be elected as ‘Mass entrepreneurship and innovation project’ talent, Jiangsu ‘333 project’ candidate and Jiangsu ‘Qing Lan project’ candidate

   Tips: The candidate, who has passed the corresponding appraisal but hasn’t passed the interview, can apply to be directly be the ‘Changkong scholar’ project. The annual bonus is no less than 0.3 million RMB. Later if the candidate has passed the interview, the school will make up the difference the candidate deserve. 

2Professors, A/Professors and lecturers

Scholars oriented: lecturer, associate professor or professor(or equivalence) of the high ranked universities abroad; PhD owner of the current year.

Hiring rules for senior position: ‘Inauguration first, judgment second’ rule for well known candidates. In due time should the candidate pass the interview. Once the candidate has passed the interview, ha/she can be hired as a A/Prof. or higher position.

The school can make exceptions for extraordinary candidates. Candidates can take the ‘Green channel project’ for inauguration.

  The standard of treatment is shown below:

Job categories

Initial funding

Housing allowance

RMB/monthno more than 6 years



ten thousand RMB

Other subjectsten thousand RMB





The school will provide temporary accommodation or single-man apartment for renting










Hiring policy:

A. Scholars oriented: no more than 35-year-old, has got a PhD for no more than three years, graduated in high ranked universities in Chinese universities or foreign universities.

B. Hiring rules: full-time, post-doctor


Annual salary


Training abroad

Stay to teach


Domestic post-doctor

0.18 million RMB or more;

No maximum limitation

After the postdoctoral research, the candidate can apply for a teaching position in our school. The colleges will decide whether the candidate is qualified

Postdoctoral researchers are sponsored for abroad communication, the expenditure will be shared by the school and the candidate’s supervisor equally

Once the researcher is selected as excellent postdoctoral researcher, he/she can have the priority to apply for a teaching position or research position

We can provide accommodation near the school

Foreign post-doctor

30-50 thousand dollars


4. Contact us

Contact: Mr. Shen

Email: cshen@nuaa.edu.cn

Address:29 Yudao Street, Qinhuai District, Nanjing, Jiangsu province Postcode: 210016

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