Large Platform

Large platform structure is an important part of engineering machinery structure, as an important bearing and transfer structure, and it is widely used in various engineering construction, sea and land transportation and machinery industries, such as ship lift platform, offshore oil platform, helicopter landing platform and bridge deck, floor panels and other structures. This kind of structure must meet the requirements of complexload bearing, corrosion resistance, impact resistance and so on in the actual design and manufacture while satisfying the rigidity and strength required for the bearing. At the same time, reducing energy consumption and improving work efficiency proposed the urgent need for lightweight design of large platform structures. In view of the above requirements, the optimization design and processing of advanced large platform structures require the cooperation of disciplines such as mechanics, materials science, heat transfer and mechanical design, which is a relatively complicated project.

The lattice metal sandwich structure has many functions such as ultra-light, high strength and toughness, high specific strength, high specific stiffness, impact resistance, multi-functional available space and so on, and it can meet the diverse requirements of weight reduction, complex load-bearing, ventilation heating and impact deformation. Our laboratory has invested a lot of energy in the application of lattice metal sandwich structure to the lightweight design, explosion shock resistance and thermal management of large platform structures.


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