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1. Student types

(1) Postgraduate, Doctoral student

There are mainly seven research directions in the center, namely 1) Research on vibration attenuation, noise reduction and sound-vibration coupling analysis for lightweight materials; 2) Flow and heat transfer properties for lightweight materials; 3) Lattice structure and Material impact dynamics; 4) Quasi-static mechanics for lightweight materials; 5) Lightweight materials manufacture; 6) Pilot scale test and Product development; 7) Bionic materials and bio-mechanics. Postgraduates and doctoral students with mechanics, mechanical engineering, materials, astronaotics, energy&power, biology or medical background are wanted. You can choose either to take postgraduate entrance exams or recommended postgraduate program to join the team.

(2) Undergraduate student

Our team is willing to train undergraduate students on some scientific research.

2. Contact

ContactMr. Shen


Please attach your CV and research experience in the email.

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